I chose for my collection the name of my daughter, Bianca Baykam,  because for me it embodies the perfect combination of Italian savoir faire and the irresistible charm of Ottoman culture. Bianca is the emblem of this cultural mix and, in addition to my love, embodies the essence of this collection: young, exuberant, colorful, cosmopolitan.

I have always felt an attraction for jewels and precious stones for the mix of history, art and science they represent. My interest in gems has grown in parallel with a long traditional career path, undertaken after a degree in BUsiness, and has always fed through time through many research and travel, especially in the East.

It was during one of the innumerable forays into the maze of alleys of Istanbul's Great Bazaar, in which I lost and found myself infnite times,like I was hypnotized by a picture with a thousand nuances, that I realized that this would be my way. I therefore decided to graduate in gemology, at the Italian Gemmological Institute, to enrich my passion with a solid scientific base and to finally feel ready to make my own jewelry collection to share with all those, like me and my Bianca, who are still moved by the wonder of color and the variety of treasures that nature puts at our disposal every day.


Marina Salerno


During my studies in Gemology I was amazed to learn that, most of the gems on the market either are synthetic, for reasons of cost or availability, or undergo a treatment studied to enhace their external appearance.

The variety of treatments includes, for example, heating, infiltration, irradiation and, where the porosity of the stone allows it, impregnation.

The result of some treatments may sometimes turn out to be unstable over time, especially under certain conditions of exposure to light or heat.

The BBJ selection includes a balanced mix of gems with the intention of proposing a range of chromatic choices that is as wide and complete as possible.